Smart vertical conveying

Spiral conveyor extra wide track

A spiral conveyor for large-format products and bulk batches.

Spiral conveyor extra wide track

The SpiralVeyor SVe series is mainly used for conveying large cartons, parcels and bulk quantities of goods. They are a common presence in many distributors’ mail and parcel departments. The compact layout, with a 30% wider belt than other spiral conveyors, is typical of this design. This wide belt is built up from multiple parallel tracks that make for a very high load-bearing capacity.

Typical SVe series features include:

  • Space saving
  • 1-minute maintenance
  • No transfers
  • Heavy products can be transported, even if they are not centrally on the belt
  • Up to 100kg/m possible
  • Available belt widths range from 600 to 1200 mm
  • Standard speeds of up to 60 metres/min
  • Spiral height of 15 metres per drive, but, through stacking, it can be virtually unlimited

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