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Shelf floor

An extra floor that is installed between, or entirely over, the uprights of the shelving racks.

Shelf floor

Just like a mezzanine floor, a ‘shelf floor’ lets you quickly create extra space by making optimum use of the height of your building, without you having to make any expensive structural changes to your premises.

The difference is that these floors are constructed between the uprights of the shelving systems to creating walk-on floors, or completely over the uprights of the shelves to create a total flat floor. The floor construction can be finished with different types of open or closed floor panels or grates. Their load-bearing capacity can vary and will be decided in mutual consultation.

These floors can also be fitted with handrails, kneeboards and toeboards.

Again, our internal transport equipment, such as slat conveyors and/or spiral conveyors, can be used to ensure an optimal flow of goods from the ground floor to the desired level and vice versa.

Stairs or built-in lifts enable employees to access the different levels.

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