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Mezzanine floor

A cantilevered floor, consisting of a steel structure that can be walked on, and possibly even driven on, creating additional floor space on several levels.

Mezzanine floor

A mezzanine floor lets you quickly create extra space by making optimum use of the height of your building.

This does not require you to make any expensive structural changes to your premises. The cantilevered steel structure, that can be walked on and possibly even driven on, creates additional floor space on several levels.

This creates new storage and work surfaces on the upper level while, for example, keeping the lower level available for production.

Other than floors on shelving racks, these mezzanine floors offer all kinds of possibilities for you to configure the floor exactly as you like.

For instance, the extra levels can be used for multi-level order picking.

Mezzanine floors can be constructed to be driven on by several types of pallet trucks and order picking carts.

Our internal transport equipment, such as conveyors and/or spiral conveyors, ensure an optimal flow of goods from the ground floor to the desired level and vice versa.

Stairs or built-in lifts enable employees to access the different levels.

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