Smart horizontal conveying

Transport systems

Determine the right transport system to match your situation

Transport systems

Several different types of transport systems can be supplied:

Motorised conveyor belts: 
If a large distance needs to be covered, motorised systems are normally the preferred option. The plate strip conveyor movement is driven by a motor.

Non-motorised roller conveyors: 
Non-motorised roller conveyors can be used to cover small distances, for example for manual workstations/buffering or as gravity roller conveyors, of course always depending on the solution offered.
Niet aangedreven transportbanen

Harmonica roller conveyor:

Harmonica roller conveyors are used to make internal logistics more efficient and to increase production. These flexible roller conveyors are mainly used for loading and unloading products. The extendible conveyors can be used in different curves. Harmonica roller conveyors can also be motorised.

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