Thursday 24 March 2022

123INKT.NL opts for automation & process optimization

123INKT.NL opts for automation & process optimization

With almost 4 million customers and more than 18,000 products in its range, 123inkt.nl is the market leader in the online sale of ink cartridges, toners and photo paper. The family business, with an open, accessible and informal culture and where “the hard core” has been working for about 20 years, has been one of the fastest growing and most successful online stores in the Netherlands since its start in 2000.

In order to be able to deliver the growing number of orders on time and to maintain the good service of 123inkt.nl, the manual way of working was no longer sufficient. That is why 123inkt.nl opted for automation and process optimization.

Logiflexx implemented an approx. 200 meter long transport system by means of Slatted conveyors along the packing tables towards a sorting system with pushers and ending at partially powered sorting stations on route.

All this was fully assembled, controlled and delivered turnkey.

Logiflexx was chosen because of the right solution, flexible attitude, correct pricing, hands-on mentality and the 'keep it simple' way of thinking.

Main Features:

Short lines

Flexible solutions

Powerful partners

Keep it simple

Details of the project:
Within the existing location of 123inkt.nl a transformation has taken place from a manual to an automatic operation. Due to the different construction phases that had to be realized, the project consisted of 3 phases. During these phases, the manual and automatic operations worked together until the entire project was completed. The 123inkt.nl products can be transported from multiple set-up points to 6 sorting stations and 1 no-read lane. There they are sorted by route.

This can be done from the rear hall, but also via the various packing stations located in the first hall. For this process optimization where a high degree of flexibility was required, Logiflexx uses:

Horizontal Ambaveyor conveyors, inclined Ambaveyor conveyors, Ambaveyor ceiling-mounted conveyors, an Ambaflex Spiral Conveyor, an “Ambaflex Curved Solution” in the form of a lightbulb and pushers with sorting stations by means of semi-powered roller conveyors.

Logiflexx controls the Ambaveyor conveyor belts, the Ambaflex spiral conveyor and the other transport and sorting solutions. Think of sensors, scanners and sorting stations with Pushers. Due to this flexible complete solution, a capacity of approximately 1,500 packages per hour is achievable.

 Other Benefits:

More input/output with fewer FTEs

Clear structure of the flow of the goods

Efficiency in the logistics process

Shorter lead times

Goods to the employee instead of the other way around

Ergonomically responisible

Less mistakes

Modular construction

Solid construction

Longer service life due to chain drive and fewer drives

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