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more than 20 years of experience in intra-logistics

Company profile

Logiflexx is an international system integrator focussing on internal transport from A to B over long distances. We do this both horizontally and vertically and with highly flexible solutions at competitive prices. If required, our solutions can handle many height differences and unique bends. 

Our transport solutions can be supplemented by various systems and functionalities such as automatic storage systems, racking, mezzanine floors, packaging machines, transfer, accumulation, and various other special functions. 

Our sole purpose is to provide you with a total solution that perfectly fits your situation!

With over 20 years’ experience of fitting out warehouses and distribution centres, we can design and implement sophisticated material handling systems for all your internal logistics issues. 

This allows you to improve your logistical efficiency and enables your organisation to remain competitive, as well as safeguarding your continuity and high standards.

The following key points are essential to our distinct approach:

  • Knowledge & Creativity
  • Keep It Simple
  • High quality 
  • Very good return on investment (ROI)
  • We think in terms of solutions


How we work:

Our many years of knowledge and experience have put us in a position where we can carry out a project from scratch and professionally deliver a completely finished solution to the full satisfaction of our customers. We always strive to learn all the ins and outs of our customers, their operations, and their processes. And we also aspire to build long-term relationships with them. A quick sale is not our ultimate goal. We prefer to offer you a solution that will serve you for many years. To achieve this, we will offer you the latest new developments, high quality and extensive knowledge. And naturally also our passion and enthusiasm for our trade.

This unique market-oriented and solution-oriented approach, which centres around our customers, enables us to achieve many wonderful projects together with our customers. Always tailored to our customers’ requirements and uniquely creative and efficient.

This also enables us to always live up to our customers’ expectations, regardless of whether they are looking for a complete transport system, a complete order picking system for inbound or outbound goods, a complete sortation system, or a packaging line inclusive of robotics. 

Logiflexx creates high-quality solutions based on both standardised and specially developed components directly from our factory. Using the software desired, we ensure a smooth and excellent overlap and link between your ERP or WMS systems and your Logiflexx transport system. 

Logiflexx is a one stop shop, or an A to Z partner, from the design through to achieving a project, as well as the aftercare, maintenance, repairs and upgrades. 

Our clients specifically appreciate our no-nonsense approach (or our ‘keep it simple’ approach as we often emphasize ourselves). We always try to provide our customers with the future-focused solutions they actually need, without any unnecessarily high investments. We also contribute our knowledge and are happy to share it. And we are used to looking at complex issues and breaking them up into their comprehensible and manageable parts. 

The Logiflexx organisation is characterised by its flat structure. In recent years, we have delivered projects in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 

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Aryan Doldersum, Commercial Manager

Aryan Doldersum

Commercial Manager

VAT # 68961065
Chamber of Commerce # NL857665765B01

P.O.box 53
2650 AB Berkel en Rodenrijs
the Netherlands